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Local Niche Sells out Globally
We've created a simple but powerful website that allows to sell custom made products around the world.

Project Overview

Monthly: 50+

Average customer value at $120

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The Online Hub

Attracting website with an integrated shopping solution.

SEO & Conversion Rate Growth

4 of 5 Customers are purchasing

About the Project

Time-lapse movies are becoming increasingly popular. Photographers and filmmakers as well as multimedia artists are discovering this new and exciting facet of photography for themselves. Time-lapses are much more than videos that are played back faster. They are sequences of photos taken at a specific interval, edited with photographic means, and combined into great movies that we all know from nature documentaries and the Internet, among other places. Like a flower blooming and withering within seconds, passing clouds or the transition from day to night. With time-lapses, “time” can be made fast – things that would otherwise remain hidden from the viewer can be made visible in this way. Our Mission was to create a sales focused online hub to sell the handcrafted niche products globally to a targeted audience. 

As a result of the safari we’ve created a sales focused online hub that positioned the niche products in a unique way in front of the targeted audience. Combined with a minimal but modern looking design we’ve build the perfect fundamental for a stunning success story.



"Amazing all-around solution for presenting products, generating leads, and a holistic system to sales in general. The rangers are excellent and have set the bar high. Our business has turned an idea into a 5-figure business since the beginning of the safari. Can’t wait to see what top line revenue looks like after an entire year!"

Hans Vollmer

Founder, TLPBF

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